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The life and times of Gregory’s Guest House

Our co-living offers one important thing that share accommodation in Sydney generally doesn’t… HISTORY.

And in a good way.

Since opening our doors in 1965 – smack in the middle of the Swinging Sixties (yes, that extraordinary decade of sexual and political revolution!) – Gregory’s Guest House has been a constant fixture on the ever-evolving Australian landscape.

We’ve proudly served generations of international and local guests, all the while cementing a reputation as a provider of quality, fully furnished rooms for rent across the trendiest suburbs of the world’s greatest city, Sydney.

We’ve got a story.
And it’s a damn fine one

So how did it all come about, you ask?

It’s nothing less than a classic Australian success story.

Gligor Petrovski arrived in sunny Australia from his native Yugoslavia in 1965. He was chasing, like so many before him, the great Australian dream. With guts, steely determination, hard work, and a strong desire to build a better life for his family, Gligor – or “Gregory” as his Aussie friends know him – turned his dream into a bricks-and-mortar reality.

Our affordable Sydney share accommodation all started in Newtown…

Starting life in Australia as a boiler attendant in a Waterloo factory, Gligor soon purchased a five-bedroom residence at 20 Margaret St, Newtown.

But what to do with those unoccupied rooms collecting dust?

Gligor offered these spaces to struggling fellow manufacturing émigrés and cash-strapped locals seeking affordable share accommodation.

And with that community-minded gesture, coupled with plenty of business nous, Gligor christened his first Guest House, Gregory’s Guest House.

Add Erskineville, Marrickville and Bronte, and…

From there the reality only got bigger. Gligor purchased three more guest properties in Erskineville (est. 1969), Marrickville (est. 1983) and beautiful Bronte (est. 1985).

In time, five rooms became 74, with Gligor’s warmth, heart and soul furnishing each and every one. He didn’t see his guests as faceless occupants; he saw them as an extended family, ready to greet each new member with a broad smile and a warm hug.

Co-living. Welcome to the new generation of share accommodation… literally

Gligor is now enjoying his well-earned retirement.

His son, Thomas (est. 1987), took over the reins in October 2010, keen to continue building on his family’s legacy by carrying his father’s spirit, knowledge, passion and pride along with him wherever he goes.

Building on a strong foundation with contemporary ideas, Thomas is taking this storied family-owned and operated business into a glorious future.

So just who is Thomas Petrovski? (Apart from being Gregory’s Guest House Manager, devoted family man, and unashamed chocaholic, that is)

Watching his father build a successful decades-long share accommodation business from a simple dream into a storied reality, Thomas has only know the power of dedication, hard work, community engagement and customer satisfaction.

He’s carried that business philosophy with him throughout every aspect of his life.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Business (majoring in Accounting and Finance) from the University of Technology, Sydney in 2009, Thomas established his own property management company, Eversham Management Pty Ltd.

Building on his father’s commitment to fair pricing, Thomas is making sure our Newtown, Erskineville, Marrickville and Bronte locations remain affordable for co-living in Sydney. Like his dad, he puts the ‘care’ in caretaker.

Here’s to the next generation of Gregory’s Guest House!

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